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Tim Tegge -Welcome to an all-new edition of the TIMOTHY TEGGE SHOW. For those of you have never seen us before, Hello! For those of you have witnessed a previous production, Hello Again; we’re glad to see you again!

Magic -

I grew up in show business, as did all of our entertainers. For twenty-five years, my family owned a small traveling circus, where I began my lifelong career at the age of three, as a clown. Since then, over the course of fifty years, I have also performed as an illusionist, a musician, a ringmaster, a fire-eater, a plate spinner, and even as “Batman,” for a brief time, with a small circus in Mexico.

Through all of my personas on stage and in the circus ring, my deepest passion has always been, and will always be, the art of clowning. William Shakespeare once said, “it is meat and drink to me to see a clown.” For yours truly, it is far more than that . . . to be the clown is, pretty much, the essence of life itself. That is why this year’s production is centered on clowning and comedy.

The role of the clown in society is a necessary one. It helps us laugh at the world around us, even in some of the most complicated situations. I truly believe that there is a little bit of a clown in each and every one of us. When we embrace this idea, we can laugh not only at our surroundings, but also at (and with) ourselves. With that in mind, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls . . . .

Let’s ClownAround! - Tim Tegge

Showmanship -

The artists that you will see today are well-seasoned professionals, all of whom have been featured with some the finest circuses, theater productions, cabarets, and night clubs around the world. Their mission is simple: to provide you with a wholesome, 100% family-friendly experience, offering -- in the true tradition of the circus and variety arts -- something for “children of all ages!”

Timothy Noel Tegge




Timothy Noel Tegge was born and raised in the circus. He first donned clown makeup at age three, appearing with his father, also a clown at the time, in a parade. That was all it took to ignite a life-long love affair with the world of sawdust and spangles. By the time he was five, Timothy was applying his own makeup and performing in the ring of the family-owned Circus.

But the circus is much more to Tegge than a profession. Even as a child in the 1960’s, Timothy was immersed in anything having to do with circus – clipping articles from magazines and newspapers, and grabbing posters from windows after a circus had left town. Those modest gatherings have today evolved into an exquisite repository of priceless memorabilia known as the Tegge Circus Archives.

Now, fifty years later, Tegge can still be seen in the spotlight of some of the nation's largest productions  –  sometimes as a clown, often an illusionist, and  traveling several months every year from coast to coast.